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This Winter, Deep Clean Your House With These 6 Tips

This Winter, Deep Clean Your House with These 6 Tips

It can feel a little stuffy in the winter when we close and even weather-seal our windows, especially when it’s time to clean. But skipping cleaning can cause nasty issues when mud, filth, snow, and salt are tracked in. How do we thoroughly clean when winter arrives? Being proactive is really important.

Clean the chimney:

Be proactive and clean your fireplace or stove before the cold forces you to use it. In order to prevent being in an emergency situation when you need heat and can’t obtain it, test the fireplace and flue to make sure everything is in good shape and operating order.

Change Your Furnace Filter:

Test your furnace before using it to make sure it is in good operating order. Prepare for the chilly nights by replacing the filter. It’s never a bad idea to get a tune-up.

Cycle your storage:

Put your spring and summer clothing in storage and take out your fall and winter items while you still have the longer daylight hours and pre-snow days. If there are any laundry needs, wash the garments and bedding right away.

Clear the entrance:

Make room at the front of your house for winter attire. To prevent snow and mud from being tracked into the home, utilize rubber-backed mats, runners, and shoe trays. Reduce tripping hazards and filth by maintaining the area with routine checkups and floor cleaning.

Clean Green:

Consider utilizing cleaners with less aroma or toxicity because your home doesn’t have as much airflow as it would during other seasons. Winter months can make indoor pollution a bigger issue, so think about using air purifiers or filters to reduce dust, mildew, and allergens that can’t escape out of windows.

Celebrate Togetherness:

People often socialize during the winter holidays. This is the time of year when people host guests, spend time with family, and connect with other people and organizations. This may be a good justification to perform some deep cleaning in preparation for the holidays or to offer your assistance to someone else.

If performing routine cleaning activities makes you unhappy, think about leaving them in the capable and seasoned hands of a professional cleaning service provider like Rivas Janitorial. Spend your time on the people and tasks that are most important to you instead of spending hours on cleaning. Call now on (408) 440-9705 to schedule professional House Cleaning in Milpitas CA!

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